Audio Visual Services

We provide state of the art technology and first class support to our clients.

Equipment Rentals

Whether you just need a projector and a screen or everything except the kitchen sink, we have you covered for your next meeting or event.

We have wide selection of:

  • Projectors
  • Projection Screens
  • Laptops
  • Microphones
  • Wireless Audio
  • Speakers
  • Mixers and Sound Boards
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Public Address Systems

Internet Video Webcasting

Advantage Audio Visual Rentals Ltd. has partnered with ISI Live ( to provide our clients with state of the art Internet Webcasting services. ISI Live specializes in providing clients with all of the required tools to professionally capture and simultaneously broadcast their event or meeting, live, by streaming high-definition video and audio over the internet.

Live Audience Response Voting Systems

Optimized for small, medium & large presentation environments, our voting keypads take advantage of the latest in audience response technology advancements. Our voting system keypads ensure responses are accurately, timely & effortlessly transmitted to the presenter.

    Examples of Voting Systems for your event:

  • Conference – training – workshop – evaluation – product launch
  • Meeting – opinion polls – surveys – evaluation – market research
  • Business – brainstorming – action planning – sales strategy meetings -employee induction
  • Council voting – AGM’s – elections – recruitment
  • Team building – quizzes – staff training – trivia events – motivational events – staff meetings – knowledge testing

    Top reasons to use live voting systems:

  1. Involve participants and increase memory retention by three to five times.
  2. Increase interest and participation with interaction.
  3. Show results instantly and increase involvement and enjoyment for both participants and presenters.
  4. Quality discussions on gaps in thinking that have been raised.
  5. Provide invaluable information and detail by reviewing evaluation and comparison.

Simultaneous Interpretation

For multilingual conferences, where participants’ understanding is critical to the success of the event, conference interpretation systems enable interpreters to render simultaneously the speaker’s speech into another language, and distribute the interpreted speech to event participants who will select and listen to their language of choice. Conference interpreters working with our interpretation systems will ensure that language is no barrier to understanding.

Advantage Audio Visual Rentals Ltd. interpreting technology solutions offers digital audio quality meeting the highest industry standards. The result - seamless and effective multilingual communication at your event, regardless of size or location.

Staging and Set Design

Our dedicated AV and Operational Support staff will consult with you to identify the type of equipment and special effects that your event requires. As well, we will work with you to take your stage or event from concept to reality. Design, setup and dedicated technical support comes together to ensure your special event is a memorable time for all. Anything’s possible. Dream it up, and we’ll deliver!

On-Site Technical Support

Years of experience combined with certification by product manufacturers have made Advantage’s Audio Visual technicians among the finest in the Ottawa Valley. Advantage Audio Visual has earned a reputation for quality performance and expert knowledge in their field. We are dedicated to customer success and bring vast product knowledge and experience to our partnerships with our customers. Our AV and Operational Support staff provide your team with a single point of access to all of Advantage's technical expertise and support resources. Our team ensures that the clients' questions, issues and ideas are captured and quickly addressed, so that your event is distraction free runs smoothly and is memorable to all attendees.

Start to Finsih Service

At the beginning of your special event Advantage will provide a complete turnkey audio visual experience. In some cases our clients will require break out rooms for spin off group planning or training sessions that require basic audio visual support. The entire operation will be done professionally from start to finish without any logistical planning on your part thus eliminating any worry or stress. At the end of your special event we will dismantle and remove the rented equipment seamlessly and without disruption leaving the area clean and immediately reusable.

  • Ensure a worry free special event experience for all involved
  • Ensure knowledgeable and personable support staff is on-site and at your service
  • Provide all of the AV and specialized equipment logistics
  • Provide on-site Specialized AV Technician(s) if required for the duration of the event (additional costs)
  • Ensure the correct placement and positioning of the equipment for maximum performance and results
  • Ensure the timely dismantle, removal and clearing of the event area